Antica Pera da Sidro del Matese

Antica Pera da Sidro del Matese is a traditional Italian product from the Campania region. It is a type of pear cider that is made using a specific variety of pears called “Pera del Matese.” This unique cider has a long history and is produced in several towns and communes in Campania, including San Gregorio Matese, San Potito Sannitico, and Gallo Matese.

The production of Antica Pera da Sidro del Matese follows a specific process that has been recognized and protected by the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Products) recognition. This recognition ensures that the cider is made using traditional methods and adheres to specific specifications. The pears used in the production are carefully selected and harvested at the right ripeness. They are then crushed and fermented to produce the cider, which is aged for a certain period to develop its unique flavors.

One popular recipe that incorporates Antica Pera da Sidro del Matese is the “Pear Cider Cake.” This delicious dessert combines the flavors of the pear cider with a moist and fluffy cake. Another recipe is the “Pear Cider Glazed Pork Chops,” where the cider is used to create a flavorful glaze for the pork chops.

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