Antiche varietà di castagne piacentine: Domestica di Gusano, Vezzolacca

Antiche varietà di castagne piacentine, such as Domestica di Gusano and Vezzolacca, are traditional chestnut varieties found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. These chestnuts can be found in various towns and communes in the region, including Piacenza, Bobbio, and Castell’Arquato.

In Piacenza, you can find these ancient chestnut varieties at local markets and specialty stores such as La Bottega delle Castagne. This shop offers a wide selection of chestnut products, including fresh chestnuts, chestnut flour, and chestnut-based sweets.

In Bobbio, the Antica Castagna Bobbiese cooperative is known for cultivating and selling these traditional chestnuts. They have a store where you can purchase fresh chestnuts and other chestnut products.

One delicious recipe that showcases these ancient chestnut varieties is Castagnaccio, a traditional Tuscan chestnut cake. It is made with chestnut flour, olive oil, rosemary, and pine nuts. Another recipe is Marron Glacé, a candied chestnut delicacy that requires the use of high-quality chestnuts like Domestica di Gusano and Vezzolacca.

These ancient chestnut varieties have received PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition, which guarantees their traditional production methods and quality. The specifications for these chestnuts include:

– Domestica di Gusano: Large-sized chestnuts with a round shape and a light brown color. They have a sweet and delicate flavor.
– Vezzolacca: Medium-sized chestnuts with a round shape and a dark brown color. They have a slightly bitter taste.

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