Zwetschgen-und marillenknödel (Canederli dolci con albicocca e prugne)

Zwetschgen-und marillenknödel, also known as Canederli dolci con albicocca e prugne, is a traditional South Tyrolean dessert that can be found in the towns and communes of Bolzano, Italy. This delicious treat can be found in local bakeries, pastry shops, and specialty food stores in towns such as Bolzano, Merano, and Bressanone.

One popular recipe for Zwetschgen-und marillenknödel involves making a dough with potatoes, flour, and eggs, then wrapping it around a plum or apricot and boiling it until cooked. The dumplings are then rolled in a mixture of breadcrumbs and sugar before being served warm with a dollop of whipped cream.

Zwetschgen-und marillenknödel has been recognized with the Protected Designation of Origin (PAT) status, which ensures that the dessert is made according to specific specifications. These specifications include using locally sourced ingredients such as South Tyrolean potatoes, plums, and apricots, as well as following traditional preparation methods.