Tartine di sanguinaccio, Tratini i sanguinacciu

Tartine di sanguinaccio, also known as Tratini i sanguinacciu, is a traditional dessert from the region of Calabria in southern Italy. It is a sweet treat made with sanguinaccio, a type of blood sausage, which is mixed with sugar, cocoa powder, and other ingredients to create a creamy and flavorful filling. The mixture is then spread on slices of bread and baked until golden and crispy.

This delicious dessert can be found in various towns and communes of Calabria, including Cosenza, Catanzaro, and Reggio Calabria. In Cosenza, you can find tartine di sanguinaccio at Pasticceria De Rose, a renowned pastry shop located in the heart of the city. Another place to try this delicacy is Pasticceria Neri in Catanzaro, known for its traditional Calabrian desserts.

To make tartine di sanguinaccio at home, you will need sanguinaccio, sugar, cocoa powder, bread slices, and butter. Start by mixing the sanguinaccio with sugar and cocoa powder until well combined. Spread this mixture generously on the bread slices and top with a small knob of butter. Bake in a preheated oven until the bread is crispy and the filling is set. Serve warm and enjoy!

Tartine di sanguinaccio is a dessert that has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition, which highlights its traditional and cultural significance. The specifications for this recognition include the use of specific ingredients, traditional preparation methods, and adherence to the traditional recipe. This ensures that the tartine di sanguinaccio maintains its authentic taste and quality.

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