Calcioni di fave fritti is a traditional dish from the Marche region of Italy. It is a type of fried pastry filled with a mixture of fava beans, onions, and herbs. This dish is typically found in the towns and communes of Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, and Macerata.

Calcioni di fave fritti can be found in local bakeries and pastry shops throughout the Marche region. Some popular places to find this dish include Pasticceria Cesarini in Ascoli Piceno, Pasticceria Bompiani in Fermo, and Pasticceria Scortichino in Macerata.

To make calcioni di fave fritti, the filling is first prepared by cooking fava beans with onions, garlic, and herbs such as parsley and thyme. The mixture is then mashed and seasoned with salt and pepper. The pastry dough is made with flour, water, and olive oil, and is rolled out and cut into circles. The filling is placed in the center of each circle, and the edges are folded over and sealed. The pastries are then fried until golden brown.

Calcioni di fave fritti has been recognized as a traditional food product (PAT) by the Italian government. The specifications for this recognition include the use of locally sourced ingredients, traditional preparation methods, and adherence to specific quality standards.

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