Carne del cavallo del Catria

Carne del cavallo del Catria, also known as Catria horse meat, is a traditional product from the Marche region of Italy. It is specifically found in the towns of Cagli, Frontone, and Pergola, as well as the communes of Acqualagna and Sassoferrato. This type of horse meat is known for its high quality and is often used in traditional Marche cuisine.

Catria horse meat can be found in local butcher shops and specialty food stores in the Marche region. Some specific places to find it include Macelleria Fazi in Cagli and Macelleria Fratelli Rossi in Pergola. It is often used in traditional Marche dishes such as “Cavallo al sugo” (horse meat in tomato sauce) and “Cavallo alla cacciatora” (horse meat cooked in a hunter’s style).

The Carne del cavallo del Catria has received the PAT (Traditional Agri-food Product) recognition, which signifies its traditional production methods and high quality. It is made from the meat of adult horses, specifically those from the Catria mountain area. The meat is lean and has a distinct flavor, making it a popular choice for traditional Marche dishes.