Coriandolo di carbone “anes”

Coriandolo di carbone “anes” is a traditional Italian herb from the Basilicata region, specifically found in the towns of Senise, Accettura, and Sant’Arcangelo. This unique herb is known for its strong aroma and is often used in local cuisine to add flavor to dishes. It can be found in local markets and specialty shops in these towns, such as the Mercato Coperto di Senise and Bottega del Gusto in Sant’Arcangelo.

One popular recipe that features coriandolo di carbone “anes” is the traditional Lucanian bread, which includes the herb as a key ingredient. Another common use is in a simple pasta dish, where the herb is added to a tomato and garlic sauce to enhance the flavor.

Coriandolo di carbone “anes” has received PAT (Traditional Agri-food Product) recognition, which signifies its traditional production methods and unique characteristics. It is specified to be a wild herb that is hand-picked and dried, with a strong aroma and flavor.