Crescenta fritta, Cherscènta frètta

Crescenta fritta, also known as Cherscènta frètta, is a traditional fried bread from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It can be found in various towns and communes in Emilia-Romagna, including Bologna, Modena, and Parma. The bread is typically sold in local bakeries, markets, and specialty food shops in these areas.

One popular recipe for crescenta fritta involves mixing flour, water, yeast, and salt to form a dough, which is then shaped into small rounds and fried until golden brown. Another variation includes adding lard or olive oil to the dough for added richness and flavor. The finished bread is often enjoyed on its own or served with cured meats, cheeses, and other traditional Italian accompaniments.

Crescenta fritta has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-food Product) designation, which signifies its traditional production methods and ties to the Emilia-Romagna region. The bread must meet certain specifications to receive this designation, including being made with specific ingredients and following traditional preparation techniques.