Crostoli del Montefeltro is a traditional Italian dessert that originates from the region of Emilia-Romagna. It is a sweet pastry made from a simple dough that is deep-fried until golden and crispy. The dough is usually flavored with lemon zest or vanilla, and it is often dusted with powdered sugar before serving.

This delicious treat can be found in various towns and communes of Emilia-Romagna, including Urbino, San Leo, and Sant’Agata Feltria. In these places, you can find local bakeries and pastry shops that specialize in making Crostoli del Montefeltro. Some popular establishments where you can find this dessert include Pasticceria Gollini in Urbino and Pasticceria Zamberletti in Sant’Agata Feltria.

Here is a simple recipe for Crostoli del Montefeltro:
– Ingredients: 250g all-purpose flour, 50g sugar, 2 eggs, 50g butter (melted), lemon zest, a pinch of salt, vegetable oil for frying, powdered sugar for dusting.
– In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, lemon zest, and salt. Add the eggs and melted butter, and knead the dough until smooth.
– Roll out the dough thinly and cut it into strips or diamond shapes.
– Heat the vegetable oil in a deep pan and fry the crostoli until golden brown.
– Remove from the oil and let them drain on a paper towel. Dust with powdered sugar before serving.

Crostoli del Montefeltro has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Products) recognition, which guarantees its traditional production methods and quality. The specifications for this recognition include using specific ingredients, such as all-purpose flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and lemon zest. The dough must be rolled out thinly and deep-fried until crispy. Finally, the crostoli should be dusted with powdered sugar before serving.

– “Crostoli del Montefeltro” –
– “Crostoli del Montefeltro” –