Filetto di Vairano Patenora*

Filetto di Vairano Patenora is a traditional dish from the Campania region of Italy. It is a pork dish that is made with the tenderloin of the pig and is typically served with a side of vegetables or potatoes. The dish is named after the town of Vairano Patenora, which is located in the province of Caserta in Campania. Other towns and communes in the region where this dish can be found include Sessa Aurunca, Piedimonte Matese, and Alife.

The recipe for Filetto di Vairano Patenora varies slightly depending on the specific town or commune where it is made. However, the basic ingredients include pork tenderloin, garlic, olive oil, white wine, and salt and pepper. Some recipes also call for the addition of rosemary or other herbs to add flavor to the dish.

Filetto di Vairano Patenora has been recognized as a PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) by the Italian government. This designation is given to traditional food products that are made using traditional methods and ingredients from a specific region of Italy. To be recognized as a PAT, a product must meet certain specifications and be produced in a specific geographic area.

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