Garum di Maratea (Salsa di pesce)

Garum di Maratea is a traditional fish sauce from the Basilicata region of Italy, specifically found in the towns of Maratea, Rivello, and Trecchina. This ancient sauce has been made in the region for centuries and is a staple in the local cuisine. It can be found in specialty food shops and markets in these towns, as well as in larger cities in the region.

One popular recipe using Garum di Maratea is a simple pasta dish, where the sauce is mixed with olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes and tossed with spaghetti. Another common use is as a marinade for grilled fish or meat, adding a rich umami flavor to the dish.

Garum di Maratea has received PAT (Traditional Agri-food Product) recognition, which certifies its traditional production methods and regional significance. The sauce is made from a combination of fish, salt, and herbs, and must be aged for a specific period of time to develop its unique flavor.