Giuncatella abruzzese

Giuncatella abruzzese is a traditional dish from the Abruzzo region in Italy. It is a type of pasta dish that is typically made with homemade pasta, sausages, and a rich tomato sauce. This dish can be found in various towns and communes in Abruzzo, including Chieti, Pescara, and Teramo.

The history of Giuncatella abruzzese dates back to the ancient times when the shepherds of Abruzzo would make this dish using ingredients readily available to them. The name “Giuncatella” is derived from the word “giunco,” which means reed in Italian. This is because the pasta used in this dish is rolled and shaped like a reed.

To make Giuncatella abruzzese, the homemade pasta is first prepared by mixing flour, water, and a pinch of salt. The dough is then rolled out and cut into thin strips. The sausages are cooked in a pan until browned, and then the tomato sauce is added along with some herbs and spices. The pasta is cooked separately and then added to the sauce, allowing it to absorb all the flavors.

Giuncatella abruzzese is a dish that has been recognized as a traditional agri-food product (PAT) by the Abruzzo region. This recognition ensures that the dish is made following specific specifications and using traditional methods. The PAT recognition helps to preserve the culinary heritage of Abruzzo and promote the local gastronomy.

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