Involtini di agnello in umido, Gnommariell, gnumeridde

Basilicata, a region in southern Italy, is known for its rich culinary traditions. One popular dish from this region is Involtini di agnello in umido, which translates to lamb rolls in a stew. This delicious dish can be found in various towns and communes of Basilicata, including Matera, Potenza, and Melfi.

If you’re looking to try Involtini di agnello in umido, you can find it in local stores or shops specializing in traditional Basilicata cuisine. Some recommended places to look for this dish include “La Bottega del Gusto” in Matera, “Sapori di Basilicata” in Potenza, and “Antichi Sapori Lucani” in Melfi.

To prepare Involtini di agnello in umido, you will need lamb slices, breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, pecorino cheese, salt, pepper, and olive oil. The lamb slices are rolled with a mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, and pecorino cheese, then cooked in a stew made with olive oil, garlic, and tomato sauce. The dish is typically served with a side of roasted potatoes or polenta.

Involtini di agnello in umido is recognized as a traditional food product (PAT) in Basilicata. The specifications for this recognition include the use of local lamb meat, traditional ingredients, and adherence to traditional cooking methods. This recognition ensures the preservation and promotion of traditional Basilicata cuisine.

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