Liquore a base di gentiana lutea l., Amaro di genziana, Digestivo di genziana

Gentian liqueur, also known as Amaro di Genziana or Digestivo di Genziana, is a traditional Italian herbal liqueur made from the roots of the Gentiana Lutea plant. This plant is native to the mountainous regions of central and southern Europe, including the Abruzzo region of Italy. The liqueur has a bitter taste and is often consumed as a digestive after meals.

The production of Gentian liqueur has a long history in Abruzzo, with many small towns and communes in the region producing their own unique versions of the liqueur. Some of the most famous towns for Gentian liqueur production include Castel del Monte, Civitella del Tronto, and Santo Stefano di Sessanio. The liqueur is typically made by steeping the Gentiana Lutea roots in alcohol and adding various herbs and spices for flavor.

Gentian liqueur has been recognized as a traditional Italian product (PAT) by the Italian government, which means that it must meet certain specifications in order to be labeled as such. These specifications include using only Gentiana Lutea roots from specific regions, using a minimum alcohol content of 30%, and following traditional production methods.

One popular recipe for Gentian liqueur involves steeping Gentiana Lutea roots in alcohol for several weeks, then adding sugar syrup and various herbs and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel. Another recipe involves adding honey and lemon to the steeped roots for a sweeter, more citrusy flavor.

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