Lonza di fico – Lonzino di fico – Lonzetta di fico – Salame di fico

Lonza di fico, also known as Lonzino di fico, Lonzetta di fico, or Salame di fico, is a traditional Italian delicacy from the Marche region. It is made from dried figs that are stuffed with a mixture of nuts, spices, and sometimes even chocolate. The figs are then rolled and tied with string to form a salami-like shape.

This unique treat can be found in various towns and communes in the Marche region of Italy. One place where you can find Lonza di fico is in the town of Serra de’ Conti. Here, you can visit local shops such as La Bottega del Fico and La Casa del Fico to purchase this delicacy. Another town where you can find Lonza di fico is Montefiore dell’Aso, where you can visit the shop Il Fico e la Ficaia.

Lonza di fico is a recognized product under the PAT (Traditional Agri-food Products) scheme in Italy. This recognition ensures that the product is made using traditional methods and ingredients. Some specifications of Lonza di fico include the use of locally sourced figs, a specific mixture of nuts and spices, and the traditional rolling and tying technique.

To enjoy Lonza di fico, you can simply slice it and serve it as a dessert or snack. It pairs well with cheese and wine, making it a great addition to a charcuterie board. Another way to enjoy this delicacy is by incorporating it into recipes. One popular recipe is Lonza di fico and goat cheese crostini, where the sliced Lonza di fico is placed on toasted bread and topped with creamy goat cheese.

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