Lonzino – Capolombo

Lonzino, also known as Capolombo, is a traditional Italian cured meat that can be found in the Marche region of Italy. This delicacy is made from pork loin, which is seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices before being air-dried for several months. Lonzino is popular in various towns and communes of Marche, including Urbino, Pesaro, and Ancona.

In Urbino, you can find Lonzino at the local butcher shops such as Macelleria Biologica and Macelleria Fracassi. These shops offer high-quality Lonzino made from locally sourced pork. In Pesaro, you can visit Macelleria Marchigiana or Macelleria del Corso to purchase this delicious cured meat. In Ancona, Macelleria Zampini and Macelleria del Corso are renowned for their Lonzino.

One popular recipe that incorporates Lonzino is Lonzino-wrapped asparagus. To make this dish, simply wrap blanched asparagus spears with thin slices of Lonzino and grill until the meat is crispy. Another delicious recipe is Lonzino and Pecorino Crostini. Toast slices of bread, top them with thinly sliced Lonzino and Pecorino cheese, and broil until the cheese melts and the Lonzino becomes slightly crispy.

Lonzino has received the prestigious PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition, which guarantees its traditional production methods and regional authenticity. The specifications for Lonzino include using only pork loin from local breeds, seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic, and other herbs, and air-drying for a minimum of three months. This recognition ensures that Lonzino maintains its traditional flavors and production techniques.

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