Marrone di Valle Castellana

Marrone di Valle Castellana is a type of chestnut that is native to the region of Abruzzo in Italy. It can be found in specific towns and communes such as Valle Castellana, Montefino, and Bisenti. This variety of chestnut has a long history in the region, with evidence of its cultivation dating back to the Roman era.

Valle Castellana, located in the province of Teramo, is particularly renowned for its Marrone di Valle Castellana. The chestnuts grown in this area are known for their large size, sweet flavor, and delicate texture. They are often used in traditional Abruzzese recipes, adding a unique taste to dishes.

One popular recipe that features Marrone di Valle Castellana is “Castagnaccio,” a traditional chestnut cake. This recipe combines chestnut flour, water, olive oil, rosemary, and pine nuts to create a dense and flavorful dessert. Another recipe is “Purè di Marroni,” a creamy chestnut puree that can be enjoyed as a side dish or used as a filling for pastries.

The Marrone di Valle Castellana has received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition, which guarantees its authenticity and adherence to specific production methods. According to the PAT specifications, the chestnuts must be harvested by hand and undergo a meticulous selection process to ensure only the highest quality nuts are used.

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