Moretta – Murèta – Moretta fanese – Moretta di Fano

The Moretta is a traditional Italian coffee-based drink that can be found in the Marche region of Italy. Specifically, it is popular in the towns and communes of Moretta, Murèta, Moretta fanese, and Moretta di Fano. This unique beverage is typically served in local cafes and bars in these areas.

One place where you can find the Moretta is at Caffè Moretta in Moretta di Fano. This charming café is known for its authentic Moretta recipe and is a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts. Another place to try this delicious drink is at Bar Moretta in Murèta, a cozy bar that specializes in serving the Moretta to its customers.

The Moretta is made by combining espresso, rum, and sugar, which are then mixed together and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. This rich and flavorful drink is often enjoyed as a dessert or after-dinner treat. It is also commonly served during special occasions and festivals in the Marche region.

The Moretta has been recognized as a traditional Italian product (PAT) by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies. The specifications for the Moretta include using high-quality espresso, rum, and sugar, as well as the addition of whipped cream as a garnish. This recognition ensures that the Moretta is made according to traditional methods and maintains its authentic taste.

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