Mozzariello is a traditional Italian cheese made from buffalo milk. It is mainly produced in the Campania region of Italy, particularly in the towns and communes of Aversa, Caserta, and Mondragone. This cheese is known for its soft and creamy texture, as well as its delicate and slightly tangy flavor.

The production of Mozzariello follows strict guidelines to ensure its quality and authenticity. It has been recognized as a Traditional Agri-Food Product (PAT) by the Italian government, which guarantees its traditional production methods and regional origin. According to the specifications, Mozzariello must be made from 100% buffalo milk and undergo a specific production process, including curdling, stretching, and shaping.

To make Mozzariello, the buffalo milk is first heated and curdled using natural whey. The curds are then stretched and shaped into small, elongated balls. The cheese is then immersed in brine to enhance its flavor and preserve its freshness. Mozzariello is best enjoyed fresh, within a few days of production, and is often used in various traditional Italian dishes.

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