Pane a lievitazione naturale

Pane a lievitazione naturale, also known as sourdough bread, is a traditional Italian bread that is made using natural fermentation instead of commercial yeast. This bread is popular in the Marche region of Italy, particularly in towns and communes such as Ancona, Pesaro, and Urbino. It can be found in local bakeries and specialty bread shops in these areas.

One bakery in Ancona that is known for its pane a lievitazione naturale is Panificio Pasticceria Caffetteria Mancini. They offer a variety of sourdough breads, including traditional loaves and specialty flavors like olive and rosemary. Another bakery in Pesaro, called Panificio Pasticceria Caffetteria La Perla, also offers a selection of sourdough breads.

To make pane a lievitazione naturale, a sourdough starter is created by combining flour and water and allowing it to ferment for several days. This starter is then mixed with more flour, water, and salt to create the dough, which is left to rise for several hours. The bread is then baked in a hot oven, resulting in a crusty exterior and a soft, tangy interior.

Pane a lievitazione naturale has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition in Italy. This certification ensures that the bread is made using traditional methods and ingredients. The specifications for pane a lievitazione naturale include using only natural fermentation, no commercial yeast, and a long fermentation process of at least 12 hours.

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