Pappardelle, Al Papardel; Al Papardeli

Pappardelle is a traditional Italian pasta dish that can be found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This region is known for its rich culinary heritage, and pappardelle is a popular dish among locals and tourists alike. Specific towns and communes in Emilia-Romagna where pappardelle can be found include Bologna, Modena, Parma, and Ravenna.

In Bologna, you can find pappardelle at various stores and shops such as La Vecchia Malga, Pasta Fresca Naldi, and Salumeria Simoni. These establishments offer freshly made pappardelle, ensuring its authentic taste and quality. In Modena, you can visit Al Papardel, a renowned pasta shop that specializes in pappardelle. They offer a wide range of flavors and variations of this delicious pasta dish.

One popular recipe for pappardelle is Pappardelle al Ragu, which features a rich meat sauce made with beef, pork, and tomatoes. Another delicious recipe is Pappardelle ai Funghi, which combines the pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce. These recipes showcase the versatility of pappardelle and its ability to pair well with different ingredients.

Pappardelle has also received the prestigious PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition in Italy. This recognition ensures that the product is made using traditional methods and ingredients, preserving its cultural and historical significance. The specifications for pappardelle with PAT recognition include using durum wheat semolina, eggs, and a specific thickness of the pasta.

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