Pasticci di Rapino is a traditional pastry from the region of Abruzzo in Italy. It can be found in the towns and communes of Rapino, Pescara, and Chieti. This delicious dessert has a rich history that dates back several centuries.

Rapino, a small town located in the province of Chieti, is known for its production of Pasticci. The recipe has been passed down through generations and is a cherished part of the local culinary heritage. Pescara, a coastal city in Abruzzo, also boasts its own version of Pasticci, which has slight variations in ingredients and preparation.

Pasticci di Rapino is a sweet pastry made with a delicate dough that is filled with a mixture of almonds, honey, and spices. The dough is then shaped into small balls or crescents and baked until golden brown. The result is a crispy and fragrant pastry that is often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.

This traditional dessert has gained recognition as a typical product of Abruzzo (PAT), which stands for “Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali” or Traditional Agri-food Products. This recognition ensures that Pasticci di Rapino is made following specific traditional methods and using locally sourced ingredients.

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