Patata ricciona o riccia di Napoli

The Patata Ricciona, also known as Riccia di Napoli, is a traditional potato variety that is native to the Campania region in Italy. It is primarily found in specific towns and communes of Campania, such as Naples, Caserta, and Avellino. This potato variety is highly valued for its unique shape and taste, making it a popular ingredient in many local dishes.

The Patata Ricciona has been recognized as a Traditional Agri-food Product (PAT) by the Italian government. This recognition ensures that the potato variety is grown and processed according to specific specifications and traditional methods. The PAT recognition guarantees the authenticity and quality of the Patata Ricciona, preserving its cultural and culinary heritage.

One popular recipe that features the Patata Ricciona is the “Patate alla Napoletana” or Neapolitan-style potatoes. In this dish, the potatoes are sliced and cooked with garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, and herbs, resulting in a flavorful and comforting side dish. Another delicious recipe is the “Gnocchi alla Sorrentina,” where the Patata Ricciona is used to make soft and pillowy gnocchi that are served with a rich tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

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