Pera spina, also known as the Thorny Pear, is a traditional fruit of the Campania region in Italy. It is mainly found in the towns and communes of Sorrento, Vico Equense, and Massa Lubrense. This unique fruit is characterized by its thorny skin and sweet, juicy flesh.

The Thorny Pear has been recognized as a Traditional Agri-Food Product (PAT) by the Italian government. This recognition ensures that the fruit is produced, processed, and prepared according to specific traditional methods and specifications. It guarantees the authenticity and quality of the product, preserving its traditional characteristics.

One popular recipe that features Pera spina is the “Pera spina marmalade.” To make this delicious preserve, the fruit is peeled, deseeded, and cooked with sugar until it reaches a thick consistency. The marmalade can be enjoyed on toast, with cheese, or as a filling for pastries.

Another Traditional Recipess is the “Pera spina liqueur.” The fruit is infused in alcohol, along with sugar and spices, for several weeks. The resulting liqueur has a unique flavor and can be enjoyed as a digestif or used in cocktails.

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