Pesche finte ripiene, also known as stuffed fake peaches, are a traditional dessert from the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. This delicious treat can be found in various towns and communes in Emilia-Romagna, including Bologna, Modena, and Parma.

In Bologna, you can find pesche finte ripiene at Pasticceria Gamberini, a renowned pastry shop that has been serving traditional Italian sweets since 1907. Another place to try this dessert is Pasticceria Scudieri in Modena, which is known for its high-quality pastries and cakes. In Parma, you can visit Pasticceria Torino, a historic pastry shop that has been operating since 1885.

To make pesche finte ripiene, you will need ingredients such as ladyfingers, cocoa powder, rum, and apricot jam. The ladyfingers are soaked in rum and then filled with a mixture of cocoa powder, apricot jam, and sometimes chocolate or nuts. The stuffed ladyfingers are then shaped into small peaches and coated with cocoa powder to resemble the fruit.

Pesche finte ripiene is recognized as a traditional Italian food product (PAT) by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies. The specifications for this recognition include the use of specific ingredients, traditional preparation methods, and adherence to the Traditional Recipess. This recognition ensures the preservation of traditional culinary heritage and guarantees the authenticity of the product.

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