Prosciutto crudo is a type of Italian cured ham that is popular in the region of Basilicata. This delicious ham is made from the hind leg of the pig and is cured with salt and air-dried for several months. It is a staple ingredient in many traditional Italian dishes and is often served as an appetizer or used as a topping for pizza.

In Basilicata, prosciutto crudo can be found in many towns and communes, including Matera, Potenza, and Melfi. It is sold in many local shops and markets, such as La Bottega del Gusto in Matera and Salumeria del Borgo in Potenza.

One popular way to enjoy prosciutto crudo is to serve it as an antipasto, paired with fresh mozzarella, olives, and crusty bread. Another delicious recipe is prosciutto-wrapped melon, where thin slices of prosciutto are wrapped around sweet chunks of melon.

Prosciutto crudo from Basilicata has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) certification, which guarantees its authenticity and quality. Some specifications of this certification include:

– The pigs used for the prosciutto must be raised in Basilicata and fed a specific diet.
– The curing process must take place in the region and follow traditional methods.
– The prosciutto must be aged for at least 12 months before it can be sold.

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