Provola e caciotta a pasta filata

Provola and caciotta are two types of cheese that are popular in the Trento region of Italy. These cheeses are made using the pasta filata method, which involves stretching and kneading the curds to create a smooth and elastic texture.

In Trento, you can find these cheeses in various towns and communes. One place to look for them is in the town of Mezzocorona, where there are several cheese shops that specialize in local products. Another option is the town of Cles, which is known for its dairy farms and cheese production. In both of these towns, you can find stores such as Caseificio Sociale di Mezzocorona and Latteria Turnaria di Cles that sell provola and caciotta.

Provola and caciotta can be used in a variety of recipes. One popular dish is the “Tortel di patate,” which is a potato cake made with layers of provola and caciotta cheese. Another recipe is “Frittata di caciotta,” which is a cheese omelette made with caciotta and other ingredients such as vegetables or herbs.

Both provola and caciotta have received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition, which is a certification that guarantees the traditional production methods and quality of the products. The specifications for provola include using cow’s milk, a minimum aging period of 15 days, and a maximum moisture content of 45%. For caciotta, the specifications include using cow’s milk or a mixture of cow’s and sheep’s milk, a minimum aging period of 10 days, and a maximum moisture content of 50%.

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