Ricotta stagionata di pecora, Ricotta salata abruzzese

Ricotta stagionata di pecora and Ricotta salata abruzzese are two traditional cheeses from the Abruzzo region in Italy. These cheeses are made from sheep’s milk and have a rich history in the local culinary tradition.

Ricotta stagionata di pecora, also known as aged sheep’s milk ricotta, is a cheese that is typically produced in the towns of Castel del Monte and Rocca Santa Maria in Abruzzo. It is made by heating the whey left over from the production of other cheeses and then allowing it to age for several months. The result is a firm and slightly crumbly cheese with a distinct flavor that intensifies with age. This cheese is often enjoyed grated over pasta dishes or used as a filling for traditional Abruzzese desserts.

Ricotta salata abruzzese, or salted ricotta from Abruzzo, is another popular cheese from the region. It is made by salting and pressing fresh ricotta, then allowing it to age for a period of time. This cheese is produced in various towns and communes throughout Abruzzo, including Scanno, Sulmona, and Pescocostanzo. Ricotta salata abruzzese has a firm texture and a slightly salty taste, making it a perfect addition to salads, pasta dishes, or enjoyed on its own.

Both Ricotta stagionata di pecora and Ricotta salata abruzzese have been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Products) certification, which guarantees their traditional production methods and adherence to specific quality standards. These cheeses are an important part of Abruzzo’s culinary heritage and are cherished by locals and visitors alike.

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