Rsskatiedde cca muddiche di Episcopia

Rsskatiedde cca muddiche di Episcopia is a traditional dish from the region of Basilicata in southern Italy. It is a type of pasta dish that is commonly found in specific towns and communes of Basilicata, such as Episcopia. This dish can be found in local stores or shops in these areas.

One store where you can find Rsskatiedde cca muddiche di Episcopia is La Bottega del Gusto in Episcopia. They specialize in local and traditional products, including this pasta dish. Another shop that sells this dish is Sapori di Basilicata in the town of Potenza.

To prepare Rsskatiedde cca muddiche di Episcopia, you will need the following ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water, and salt. The pasta is typically shaped into small, twisted pieces. It is then cooked in boiling water until al dente and served with a sauce of your choice, such as a tomato-based sauce or a simple olive oil and garlic sauce.

Rsskatiedde cca muddiche di Episcopia has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Products) recognition, which highlights its traditional and cultural significance. The specifications for this dish include the use of durum wheat semolina and the specific shape of the pasta. It is a dish that represents the culinary heritage of Basilicata.

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