Salame Napoli is a traditional Italian cured meat that originates from the Campania region in southern Italy. It is a popular delicacy known for its rich flavor and unique blend of spices. This salami can be found in various towns and communes of Campania, including Naples, Caserta, Benevento, Avellino, and Salerno.

Salame Napoli is made from high-quality pork meat, which is finely ground and mixed with salt, pepper, garlic, and other aromatic herbs. The mixture is then stuffed into natural casings and left to cure for several weeks. The curing process gives the salami its distinctive taste and texture.

One of the most famous recipes that feature Salame Napoli is the “Pizza Napoletana.” This traditional Neapolitan pizza is topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, and thinly sliced Salame Napoli. The combination of flavors creates a mouthwatering and authentic Italian pizza experience.

Salame Napoli has been recognized with the Protected Designation of Origin (PAT) status, which ensures that it is produced according to specific traditional methods and in the designated geographical area. The specifications for Salame Napoli include using only pork meat from specific breeds and following strict guidelines for the curing process.

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