Salsiccia rossa di Castelpoto*

Salsiccia rossa di Castelpoto is a traditional Italian sausage that originates from the town of Castelpoto in the Campania region of Italy. It is a recognized product under the Protected Designation of Origin (PAT) certification, which ensures its authenticity and adherence to specific production methods.

Castelpoto is a small commune located in the province of Benevento in Campania. The town is known for its production of Salsiccia rossa, which is made from high-quality pork meat, seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices. The sausage is then stuffed into natural casings and left to age for a specific period.

Another town in Campania where Salsiccia rossa can be found is San Martino Valle Caudina. This commune, also located in the province of Benevento, is renowned for its traditional food products, including the famous sausage.

One popular recipe that features Salsiccia rossa di Castelpoto is “Salsiccia e Friarielli.” This dish combines the flavorful sausage with sautéed broccoli rabe, garlic, chili flakes, and olive oil. The sausage is cooked until browned and then combined with the friarielli to create a delicious and hearty meal.

Another recipe that showcases the Salsiccia rossa is “Salsiccia e Patate al Forno.” In this dish, the sausage is cooked alongside potatoes, onions, and rosemary in the oven. The flavors meld together, creating a comforting and satisfying meal.

– “Salsiccia rossa di Castelpoto” –
– “Salsiccia rossa di Castelpoto” –