Savoiardi di Persiceto, Ciabattine di S. Antonio, Savuièrd

Emilia-Romagna, a region in northern Italy, is known for its rich culinary traditions. One of the popular delicacies found in this region is Savoiardi di Persiceto, a type of sweet biscuit. These biscuits are made with simple ingredients like eggs, sugar, and flour, and are often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or used as a base for desserts like tiramisu. Savoiardi di Persiceto can be found in the town of Persiceto, as well as in various stores and shops throughout Emilia-Romagna.

Another delicious treat from Emilia-Romagna is Ciabattine di S. Antonio. These small bread rolls are named after the town of S. Antonio, where they originated. Ciabattine di S. Antonio are made with a combination of flour, yeast, water, and salt, resulting in a soft and chewy texture. These bread rolls can be found in local bakeries and shops in S. Antonio and other towns in Emilia-Romagna.

Savuièrd is another specialty of Emilia-Romagna. These small, round biscuits are made with almonds, sugar, and egg whites, giving them a crunchy texture and a sweet almond flavor. Savuièrd can be found in various towns and communes throughout Emilia-Romagna, including Modena, Bologna, and Parma. They are often sold in pastry shops and gourmet food stores.

It is important to note that Savoiardi di Persiceto, Ciabattine di S. Antonio, and Savuièrd have all received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition, which is a certification given to traditional food products in Italy. This recognition ensures that these delicacies are made following specific traditional methods and using local ingredients.

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