Sciroppo di sambuco o Conserva de sambùc (Dulzen)

Sciroppo di sambuco, also known as Conserva de sambùc, is a traditional Italian syrup made from elderflowers. It can be found in various towns and communes of Trento, a province in northern Italy. One of the places where this syrup can be found is in the town of Trento itself. There are several stores and shops in Trento where you can purchase Sciroppo di sambuco, such as Alimentari Trento and Bottega del Gusto.

Another town where this syrup can be found is Riva del Garda, located on the shores of Lake Garda. In Riva del Garda, you can find Sciroppo di sambuco at stores like La Bottega del Sambuco and La Casa del Sambuco.

Sciroppo di sambuco is a versatile ingredient that can be used in various recipes. One popular recipe is the Elderflower Spritzer, which combines the syrup with sparkling water and a splash of lemon juice. Another delicious recipe is the Elderflower Panna Cotta, where the syrup is used to flavor the creamy dessert.

Sciroppo di sambuco has received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition, which is a certification given to traditional Italian food products. The specifications of this recognition include using elderflowers harvested in the Trentino region, following traditional production methods, and maintaining a minimum concentration of 20% elderflower extract in the syrup.

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