Sgaiozzi is a traditional dish from the Abruzzo region of Italy, specifically found in the towns of Scanno, Anversa degli Abruzzi, and Villalago. This dish has a long history in the region, with its origins dating back to the shepherds who would make it as a portable meal to take with them while tending to their flocks in the mountains.

Sgaiozzi is a type of stuffed pasta, similar to ravioli, that is typically filled with a mixture of cheese, eggs, and herbs. The pasta is then boiled and served with a simple tomato sauce or melted butter and sage. The dish is often enjoyed during special occasions and festivals in the region.

Sgaiozzi has been recognized as a traditional agricultural product (PAT) by the Italian government, which helps to protect and promote traditional and regional food products. The specifications for Sgaiozzi include using locally sourced ingredients and following traditional methods of preparation.

One popular recipe for Sgaiozzi includes a filling of ricotta cheese, eggs, and parsley, served with a tomato and basil sauce. Another variation includes a filling of pecorino cheese, eggs, and nutmeg, served with melted butter and sage.

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