Sise delle monache di Guardiagrele, Tre monti

The Sise delle monache di Guardiagrele is a traditional pastry that can be found in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. It is specifically associated with the town of Guardiagrele, located in the province of Chieti. This pastry has a long history and is considered a local specialty.

Guardiagrele is a charming town known for its medieval architecture and rich culinary traditions. The Sise delle monache, which translates to “nuns’ breasts,” is a sweet treat that has been enjoyed in this area for centuries. It is believed to have been created by the nuns of the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent in Guardiagrele.

The pastry consists of two layers of soft sponge cake filled with a rich cream made from eggs, sugar, and milk. It is then dusted with powdered sugar for an extra touch of sweetness. The Sise delle monache is often enjoyed during special occasions and festivals in Guardiagrele.

Another town in Abruzzo where this pastry can be found is Tre Monti, located in the province of Teramo. Tre Monti is known for its picturesque landscapes and traditional cuisine. The Sise delle monache is a popular dessert in this area as well, showcasing the regional diversity of Abruzzo’s culinary heritage.

The Sise delle monache di Guardiagrele has received the prestigious PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition, which is awarded to traditional Italian food products that have historical and cultural significance. This recognition ensures that the pastry is made according to specific specifications and traditional methods, preserving its authenticity.

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