Soppressata is a traditional Italian cured meat that originates from the region of Basilicata in southern Italy. It is a type of salami that is made from pork, typically from the shoulder or belly, and is seasoned with various spices such as garlic, chili pepper, and fennel seeds. The meat is then stuffed into natural casings and left to cure for several months.

In Basilicata, soppressata can be found in various towns and communes such as Matera, Potenza, and Melfi. It is commonly sold in local butcher shops and specialty food stores. Some popular places to find soppressata include “Macelleria De Luca” in Matera and “Salumeria del Borgo” in Potenza.

There are several Traditional Recipesss that feature soppressata as an ingredient. One popular dish is “Pasta alla Soppressata,” which combines the cured meat with pasta, tomatoes, and pecorino cheese. Another recipe is “Soppressata Pizza,” where the salami is used as a topping along with mozzarella and tomato sauce.

Soppressata from Basilicata has received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Products) recognition, which guarantees its authenticity and adherence to traditional production methods. The specifications for soppressata include using only high-quality pork, natural casings, and a specific blend of spices. The curing process must also meet specific time requirements to ensure the desired flavor and texture.

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