Speck del Trentino is a traditional cured ham from the Trentino region in northern Italy. It is made from the hind legs of pigs and is known for its unique flavor and texture. Speck can be found in various towns and communes of Trento, including Trento, Rovereto, and Riva del Garda.

In Trento, you can find Speck del Trentino at local specialty shops such as Salumeria Trentina and Salumeria Zeni. These shops offer a wide range of cured meats, including Speck, which is often sliced and sold by weight.

Rovereto is another town where Speck del Trentino can be found. Shops like Salumeria del Corso and Salumeria del Trentino are known for their high-quality selection of cured meats, including Speck.

Riva del Garda, a commune located on the northern shore of Lake Garda, is also a great place to find Speck del Trentino. Shops like Salumeria Gardesana and Salumeria del Lago offer a variety of local products, including Speck.

One popular recipe that incorporates Speck del Trentino is the Speck and Potato Salad. This dish combines boiled potatoes, diced Speck, onions, and a simple vinaigrette dressing. Another delicious recipe is the Speck-Wrapped Asparagus, where asparagus spears are wrapped in thin slices of Speck and grilled until crispy.

Speck del Trentino has received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition, which guarantees its traditional production methods and quality. Some specifications of Speck del Trentino include:

– Made from the hind legs of pigs raised in Trentino
– Cured with a mixture of salt, pepper, juniper berries, and other spices
– Smoked with beechwood for a distinct flavor
– Aged for a minimum of 22 weeks

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