Sughi d’uva reggiani, Sugh

Sughi d’uva reggiani, also known as Sugh, is a traditional Italian sauce made from grapes that is popular in the Emilia-Romagna region. This sauce can be found in various towns and communes in Emilia-Romagna, including Reggio Emilia, Parma, and Modena. It is commonly sold in local stores and shops that specialize in regional products.

One store where you can find Sughi d’uva reggiani is La Bottega di Adelina, located in Reggio Emilia. They offer a wide range of traditional Emilian products, including this grape sauce. Another shop is Salumeria Garibaldi in Parma, which is known for its selection of local delicacies, including Sugh.

There are several ways to use Sughi d’uva reggiani in recipes. One popular dish is Gnocchi with Sugh, where the sauce is served over homemade potato gnocchi. Another recipe is Tagliatelle al Sugh, where the sauce is mixed with fresh egg pasta.

Sughi d’uva reggiani has received the PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition, which is a certification given to traditional Italian food products. The specifications for this sauce include using only locally grown grapes, cooking them slowly with sugar and spices, and preserving the sauce in glass jars.

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