Suino pesante, also known as heavy pig, is a traditional breed of pig found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This breed is known for its high-quality meat and is a staple in the region’s culinary traditions. The suino pesante can be found in towns and communes such as Parma, Modena, and Bologna, where it is raised by local farmers and butchers.

The meat of the suino pesante can be found in local butcher shops and specialty stores throughout the region, such as Macelleria Zivieri in Parma and Salumeria Giusti in Modena. It is often used in traditional Emilia-Romagna dishes such as prosciutto di Parma and culatello, both of which highlight the rich flavor and quality of the suino pesante meat.

The suino pesante has been recognized with the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) labels, which ensure that the meat comes from pigs raised and processed according to specific standards. These standards include:
– Pigs must be raised in the Emilia-Romagna region
– Pigs must be fed a specific diet that includes local grains and cereals
– The meat must be processed and cured according to traditional methods