“Taralli” di San Costantino Albanese

Taralli di San Costantino Albanese is a traditional snack from the Basilicata region of southern Italy. It is a type of savory biscuit that is made with flour, olive oil, white wine, and salt. The dough is shaped into small rings and then boiled in water before being baked in the oven. The result is a crispy and flavorful snack that is perfect for any time of day.

The town of San Costantino Albanese is known for its production of taralli, but they can also be found in other towns and communes in the region, such as Potenza, Matera, and Pisticci. They are typically sold in local markets and specialty food shops, such as La Bottega del Buon Caffè in Matera and La Bottega del Gusto in Potenza.

Taralli di San Costantino Albanese has been recognized as a PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) by the Italian government. This means that it is a product that is deeply rooted in the local culture and tradition, and that it is made using traditional methods and ingredients. Some of the specifications for this product include:

– The use of durum wheat flour
– The use of extra-virgin olive oil
– The use of white wine
– The boiling of the dough before baking

There are many ways to enjoy taralli di San Costantino Albanese. They can be eaten on their own as a snack, or they can be paired with cheese, cured meats, or other savory toppings. They can also be used in recipes, such as in a salad or as a crust for a quiche.

One recipe that showcases the versatility of taralli di San Costantino Albanese is a simple salad. To make this salad, start by mixing together some arugula, cherry tomatoes, and sliced red onion. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and season with salt and pepper. Crush some taralli di San Costantino Albanese over the top of the salad for a crunchy and flavorful finish.

Another recipe that uses taralli di San Costantino Albanese is a quiche. To make this quiche, start by crushing some taralli di San Costantino Albanese and mixing them with melted butter. Press the mixture into the bottom of a pie dish to form a crust. In a separate bowl, whisk together some eggs, milk, grated Parmesan cheese, and chopped spinach. Pour the mixture into the pie dish and bake in the oven until set. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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