Torta di riso alla bobbiese, turta ad ris ala bubbiese

The Torta di riso alla bobbiese, also known as turta ad ris ala bubbiese, is a traditional dessert from the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. It is a delicious rice cake that can be found in various towns and communes of Emilia-Romagna, including Bobbio, Piacenza, and Parma.

You can find this delightful dessert in local pastry shops and bakeries in these towns. Some recommended places to try the Torta di riso alla bobbiese include Pasticceria Cavour in Bobbio, Pasticceria Ducale in Piacenza, and Pasticceria Torino in Parma.

This cake is made with simple ingredients such as rice, milk, sugar, eggs, and lemon zest. The rice is cooked in milk until it becomes creamy, then mixed with sugar, eggs, and lemon zest. The mixture is poured into a pastry shell and baked until golden and set. The result is a moist and flavorful rice cake with a slightly crispy crust.

The Torta di riso alla bobbiese has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition, which guarantees its traditional preparation and quality. Some specifications of this recognition include the use of local ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

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