Tortoléti coi puriòni is a traditional dish from the Trento region in Italy. It is a type of pasta filled with a mixture of bread crumbs, cheese, and herbs. This dish can be found in various towns and communes of Trento, including Trento itself, Rovereto, and Pergine Valsugana.

In Trento, you can find Tortoléti coi puriòni at local specialty food stores such as La Bottega del Tortoléto and Antica Pastaio Trentina. These stores offer a wide range of traditional Trentino products, including this delicious pasta dish.

To prepare Tortoléti coi puriòni, start by making the filling mixture. Combine bread crumbs, grated cheese (such as Parmigiano-Reggiano or Trentingrana), chopped herbs (such as parsley and marjoram), salt, and pepper. Mix well and set aside. Roll out fresh pasta dough into thin sheets and cut into small squares. Place a small amount of the filling in the center of each square and fold it into a triangle, sealing the edges. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente, then serve with melted butter and grated cheese.

Tortoléti coi puriòni is recognized as a traditional agri-food product (PAT) of Trentino. The specifications for this recognition include using local ingredients, such as Trentino flour, Trentingrana cheese, and fresh herbs. The pasta must be made with traditional methods, including hand-rolling and filling each piece individually. This recognition ensures the authenticity and quality of the dish.

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