Dolce del santo – Santantonio

Dolce del santo, also known as Santantonio, is a traditional dessert from the Veneto region in Italy. It is a sweet treat that is typically enjoyed during religious celebrations and festivals. This delicious dessert can be found in various towns and communes in Veneto, including Padua, Vicenza, and Treviso.

In Padua, you can find Dolce del santo at Pasticceria Biasetto, a renowned pastry shop known for its high-quality desserts. This sweet delicacy can also be found in Vicenza at Pasticceria Veneto, a popular bakery that specializes in traditional Italian pastries. In Treviso, you can try Dolce del santo at Pasticceria Canova, a historic pastry shop that has been serving delectable treats for generations.

Dolce del santo is made with simple ingredients such as almonds, sugar, and egg whites. It has a soft and chewy texture with a delicate almond flavor. One popular recipe for Dolce del santo involves grinding almonds into a fine powder, mixing it with sugar and egg whites, and baking it until golden brown. Another variation includes adding a hint of lemon zest for a refreshing twist.

Dolce del santo has been recognized with the PAT (Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs) recognition, which is a prestigious certification that highlights traditional Italian food products. The specifications for Dolce del santo include using high-quality almonds, a specific ratio of ingredients, and traditional preparation methods.

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