Ventricina vastese, del vastese, Vescica, Ventricina di Guilmi, Muletta

Ventricina is a type of Italian cured meat that originates from the Abruzzo region. It is specifically found in the towns and communes of Vasto, Guilmi, and surrounding areas. Ventricina has a long history in the region, with records of its production dating back to the 18th century. It is traditionally made with a mixture of pork meat, fat, and a variety of spices, which are then stuffed into a casing and left to cure for several months.

One specific type of Ventricina is the Ventricina del Vastese, which is made in the Vasto area and is known for its spicy flavor. Another variation is the Ventricina di Guilmi, which is made in the town of Guilmi and is characterized by its use of sweet pepper and fennel seeds. Ventricina has been recognized with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) by the European Union, which specifies the traditional methods and ingredients that must be used in its production.

A popular way to enjoy Ventricina is simply sliced and served with bread and cheese as part of an antipasto platter. It can also be used in pasta dishes, such as Ventricina and tomato sauce over spaghetti. The spicy flavor of Ventricina adds a delicious kick to any dish it is used in.

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